Press Start

Every once in a while, I get the new and innovative idea of starting up a gaming blog in order to catalogue my journeys through the world of video games. In the past, these haven’t always panned out for too long, mainly because I get disinterested from lack of attention or purpose.

But that was before I was really pushing to get myself involved in video game journalism. Since that’s my current aim, I now have a lot more cause to keep writing about the games I play, if only to stay in practice and keep sharp. As such, I think it’s time to reopen a writing blog – the one you’re reading now.

So, welcome to Delfeir vs. the Backlog. As I make my way through the ever growing pile of games that I’ve amassed over many years and countless Steam sales, I plan to write a little about them, what I think, and how they stack up compared to other games I’ve played. This will probably not be anything too overly analytical or in-depth unless the mood takes me. Pieces that I’d write about current games or larger treatises will likely be published as articles elsewhere on the internet – this is much more general than that.

You can find out more about me in the About tab, which includes where to go to find my other written articles if it interests you. Feel free to contact me or comment as you will at anything you see here, and I’ll try to get back to you. At the end of the day, this is just a fun writing exercise, so let’s see how things go.